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What Are The Best Selling Dog Toys?

Dog toys have taken on a life of their own. The market for dog toys gets bigger and broader each year as modern dog owners look for the latest, greatest, best dog toy that is going to make their dog smarter, entertain them longer or simply draw a smile. US-based BestFriends General Store has been selling dog toys online since 2002 and they have put together their list of their biggest and best dog toys of the year.First on the list are Egg Babies Replacement Eggs, by Kyjen; they make the list every year.

Second is the Oy Vey! Gefilte Fish by Multipet. This talking fish is fun for people as well as their dogs.

Third are the IQube Replacement Balls, by Kyjen. These dog balls are fun with or without the IQube dog puzzle.

Babble Balls come in three sizes and three different sounds; however, the small Talking Babble Ball, by Pet Qwerks, is fourth on the 2009 list.

Tyler Gobbling Turkey, by Multipet, is a fun voice chip dog toy, and it is fifth on the list.

Sixth is the 14-inch Push-n-Play Jolly Ball, by Jolly Pet. This is the largest-size durable dog ball on the market; plus, all Jolly Ball dog toys are made in the USA!

Sweet singing Awreatha the Christmas Wreath, by Multipet, is seventh on the list; it plays a music-box version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Eighth is the perfect Hanukkah dog gift, a singing Hanukkah Dreidel, by Multipet.

The Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Puzzle, by Kyjen, always makes the list, and it is number nine for 2009.

Dogs who love noisy dog toys love the Deedle Dudes Cow by Multipet; that is why it is number ten this year.

Number eleven is REPLACEMENT Squirrels by Kyjen.

The BARKING Shaggy Christmas Dogs, also by Kyjen, bark Christmas carols and are twelfth on the list.

Numbers 13 and 14 are both by Party Pets; the Ball Jack and the Bungee Octopus are classic bright-colored dog toys.

Fifteenth on the list is Trap Mouse by Ty Bow-Wow Beanie Babies. Bow Wow Beanies are one of the best dog toy values — they are made from quality plush and not only have a squeaker, they have crinkle paper, too!

Another Multipet Look Who’s Talking made the list, at number 16: the crowing Rooster, which makes a realistic crowing sound.

A new plush dog puzzle, the Magic Hat with Rabbits, by Kyjen, is seventeenth on the list.

All Nina Ottosson Zoo Active dog problem-solving puzzles are very popular; however, the Dog Tornado is number eighteen on the list. One of the Dr. Noys’ Toys always makes this list.

This year the Extra Small Duckie Duck is number nineteen. Dr. Noys’ Toys have little or no stuffing, and they have replacement squeakers, too!

In at number twenty is the Sheep Bottle Buddies. Water bottle cover dog toys are so popular because they never stop their crinkly sound.

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