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Vets Issue Cold Weather Warning to Pet Owners

Published on December 22, 2010 by   ·   No Comments
Don’t leave pets out in the cold, says Chief Vet for Wales: The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, Dr Christianne Glossop, has issued advice on keeping pets and birds warm and well as the severe weather conditions continue.

Hutches or cages should be moved inside where possible, to a shed or garage, and extra bedding should be provided. Pet owners should check their animals’ water supplies regularly and make sure they are not frozen.

“Pets that live in hutches or cages in the garden are particularly vulnerable, and can on occasion be forgotten when it gets dark so early. Even though guinea pigs and rabbits are covered in fur, they will suffer in these extreme low temperatures if owners do not take sensible precautions.

“Hutches and cages should be weatherproofed, and moved into a garage or shed wherever possible, and plenty of extra bedding provided. Making sure pets do not dehydrate is essential, so check water regularly for signs of freezing.

“If you have fish outside, float a large ball on the pond’s surface so that if the water freezes you can remove it, allowing your fish to get enough oxygen.

“Don’t leave cats and dogs outside in this weather, or let them lie on frozen ground for long. Dogs still need exercise, but go for shorter walks more often if you can, and if your dog or cat gets wet, dry them with a towel as soon as possible. Be really careful to avoid dogs running out onto frozen lakes, as this can be very dangerous.”

Dr Glossop also pointed out that wild birds need extra help with access to food in these weather conditions: “Snow and ice make it difficult for birds to find food and water, so feeding birds with nuts, seeds, or high quality

kitchen scraps and making sure they always have access to water could be key to their survival. Putting out nesting boxes can also provide them with some much-needed shelter.”

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Vets Issue Cold Weather Warning to Pet Owners

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