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Texas Dog Lovers Receive Boost To Hopes Of Closing Puppy Mills

Published on February 19, 2011 by   ·   No Comments
Texas dog lovers who are keen to see an end to puppy mills have received a boost today after Representative Senfronia Thompson filed House Bill 1451, supported by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, concerning commercial breeders.

Many are horrified by the puppy mill problem in Texas, where some animals live in cramped, wire cages sometimes lacking food, water, veterinary care, exercise and socialization. But many consumers are not aware that creating overly-restrictive legislation to combat this problem could spell the end of puppies in Texas, if reputable breeders who do treat their animals humanely are shut-down. That's why veterinarians want to ensure that any proposed legislation concerning commercial breeding is based on science and accepted animal husbandry as well as animal welfare.

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Texas Dog Lovers Receive Boost To Hopes Of Closing Puppy Mills

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