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K9 Magazine remains the only magazine in the entire world to do what it does. It’s the only lifestyle magazine for dog lovers in Britain and its format is being widely emulated in other countries around the world, such is its ground-breaking style and format.

Each issue of K9 Magazine delivers page after exciting page of information, advice, news, offers, competitions, discounts, product reviews and enthralling features, for its readers to enjoy and share with their dog loving friends and family.

Guaranteed To Enhance Your Life With Dogs

I’d love for you to sample K9 Magazine and acquire the sort of knowledge, guaranteed to enhance your life with your dogs as much as it has for the  tens of thousands of delighted dog owners who now enjoy the publication each year.

Inside each issue of K9 Magazine lies the sort of information that you simply won’t find anywhere else. For instance, you will not find a magazine serious enough to address the most important issues affecting dogs today such as the debate on modern training methods, whether or not booster vaccinations are medically needed, what is really being put into in your dog’s food or whether the dangerous dogs act could lead to your favourite breeds being outlawed in Britain.

As well as addressing the serious issues you must remember, K9 Magazine is still the only publication to offer you a cast-iron promise that you will truly enjoy reading every instalment, so it’s equally brimming with entertainment value as well, such as

  • Practical advice on pet insurance, diet, grooming, pedigree and non-pedigree breeds, puppies, rescue dogs and more

  • Celebrity dog owner interviews and profiles ranging from actors, sports stars, film stars, pop stars, fashion designers, models and more

  • Behaviour and training tips including regular columns from the world’s top canine behavioural experts

  • Product offers and discounts on everything from pet food, toys, insurance, pet friendly holidays, bedding and more

  • Information on pet health and wellbeing including profiles and insights into the future of veterinary medicine

  • Lifestyle items such as advice on the best cars, homes and holidays for dog owners

  • Home improvement ideas and pet friendly gardening advice specially tailored for dog owners

  • Fantastic, winnable reader competitions, prizes, giveaways and promotions

  • Humorous and engaging dog stories accompanied by spellbinding  photos and illustrations

  • A huge selection of extra subscriber-only features available from the K9Magazine.com website including bonus articles and one-on-one professional petcare advice through the K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel

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