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Should Greyhound Racing be Banned?

Published on September 7, 2010 by   ·   No Comments
The act of racing one greyhound against another is not necessarily hazardous for the dogs. View racing at Odense (Denmark) and rarely will you see an incident resulting in serious injury but Odense is one of the few tracks where greyhounds run on a straight course (over a 260 metre distance), writes Clive Ellis of Greyhound Watch.

In Britain, however, as in Ireland (and a number of other countries where greyhound racing is held) the dogs run on an oval-like circuit that essentially comprises two straights leading into tight bends. This configuration can prove lethal for the greyhounds with the risk of injury rising significantly when dogs are pitted against each other.

This article touches on the hidden side of a sport that is facing increased calls for better regulation and tighter animal welfare controls.

You can read it here.

As we ask, it is time for a ban on greyhound racing?

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