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Puppy Farm Campaigners Hit Out at RSPCA

The anti puppy farm campaign group, Puppy Love has hit out at what it perceives as a lack of action from the RSPCA in responding to reports of dogs being kept in conditions contravening the (heavily RSPCA backed) 2006 Animal Welfare Act.

The following is a transcript report from Puppy Love, detailing a disturbing event relating to reports of what appears to be a puppy farm keeping dogs in unacceptable conditions.

"On 27th Oct 2010 during our investigations following up a complaint made to us from  a member of the public, we came across an unlicensed dog breeder in Ceredigion, South Wales.  Approximately 70 plus dogs were being kept in appalling conditions on unattended property in  Llanddeiniol  .

Some dogs needed veterinary treatment  for conditions which were clearly visible.   The dogs had no food or water, some were living on top of months if not years of excrement. Not one dog had a bed to lay on and one shed housing dogs had no door so was open to the elements. There were also Labradors outside in a open run, living in their own excreta, with no inside shelter.

At 3-34 pm on Wednesday 27th Oct 2010 we called the RSPCA to report  the conditions the dogs were living in and made it very clear they needed urgent help.

At 8.30am on the Friday 29th Oct 2010, having heard nothing from the RSPCA  we informed the police that we had been to an abandoned property  and that the owner maybe deceased inside the house. The police attended the scene and ascertained there was no deceased person but they were dismayed at the sight of the Labradors on the yard so the officer decided to inspect the rest of the premises and discovered the other dogs, he then took photographic evidence.

He returned our call at 10-35 telling us what he had found, during that call he informed us that while at the premises he had called RSPCA. we then confirmed that we had also called  RSPCA but they had not attended our call.  The officer agreed with us  that what he had seen contravened every one of the Animal Welfare Act’s Five Freedoms . We re-rang RSPCA  at 12-45 pm  and informed them if they did not attend we would call in the media. At 1-16 we had a call from Barbara Pryce Jones,  Ceredigion animal welfare officer, who informed us she was on her way to the premises as she had just had call from RSPCA asking her to attend .

On Saturday she went back to the site with a vet  and  we were told by phone that it had been decided that some dogs, not all, should be removed to another premises owned by Mr  Davies. This premises has no planning permission for kennels, neither is it licensed.

Since that phone call our Welsh co -ordinator has spoken to Ms Pryce Jones again to be told the dogs that were removed are in a place of safety in licensed premises which is a complete turn around to her first statement. Also 40 dogs are still in the care of their abuser, how shocking is that?  We asked if a prosecution for animal cruelty would take place but her response left us very doubtful.

So who do we turn to when we find dogs that need desperate help, we understand if the premises are licensed then its the local authority who should be informed but that if unlicensed then the RSPCA should be the first port of call. Well we tried and we and the dogs have been failed by the RSPCA and now it seems dogs may also to be failed by the council!

We are just a group of concerned volunteers who do our very best to raise public awareness to the plight of puppy farm dogs and to report what we find to the attention of those who are meant to help.  If we cannot get support from the richest animal welfare charity in England and Wales where do we go?  We run on a shoestring, they have millions of pounds at their disposal and yet for 3 full days they did nothing and to date have still not visited the scene . When they did act they handed the case on to a local authority  who very rarely remove dogs to safety. The end result is that some dogs have been removed to who knows where and 40 dogs are still with their abuser . Thanks for nothing RSPCA, shame on you!!"

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Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Puppy Farm Campaigners Hit Out at RSPCA

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