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New Book: Clever Dog Life Lessons From Dogs (by Ryan O’Meara)

A new book claims man can take on some spectacularly successful life lessons from man's best friend.

Ryan O'Meara, dog trainer and publisher of K9 Magazine claims in his new book 'Clever Dog: Life Lessons From Man's Best Friend' that thinking like a dog can improve our happiness, prosperity, friendships and decision making abilities.

In arguably the greatest self-help book of all time written by the man who literally wrote the book on how to get more from life, relationships and careers, Dale Carnegie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' tantalisingly revealed a life lesson that deserves the attention of a more comprehensive study.

Carnegie's seminal work named the dog as "the greatest winner of friends the world has ever known".

The self-help guru then went on to say:

"Did you ever stop to think that a dog is the only animal that doesn't have to work for a living? A hen has to lay eggs, a cow has to give milk, and a canary has to sing. But a dog makes his living by giving you nothing but love.”

If one of the most illustrious self-help minds of the past century can spot the value of thinking and behaving in line with man's best friend, Ryan O'Meara has taken the concept on to the next level in this book which reveals the hidden secrets behind…

  • The dog's unique approach to conflict resolution. (learn to settle disputes favourably and without shedding blood).
  • The dog's incredible (world famous) abilities to endear themselves to people and other animals, with a mere wag of a tail. (how to win REAL friends for life).
  • How to the dog deploys unique mental techniques to cope with stress, illness and high pressure situations (how to be happier and healthier with positive mental attitude)
  • Identifying and understand pack dynamic and prosper (how to get ahead in life, career and become prosperous without hurting people)
  • How to survive when the odds are against it. (how to tough out the harshest of times and come out smiling)

Clever Dog examines the pivotal role dogs have played in the evolution of society, countries and culture. Did you know: had it not been for a dog, we may never have even heard about Alexander The Great?

The book is a fresh and innovative study of how man's best friend earned his name and, more importantly, how we can copy him to improve our mood, financial success, survival skills and ability to make more friends than we'd even know what to do with. In short, if you want to learn the secret to why the dog is the most loved animal on the planet, read this book.

Find out more / order the book Clever Dog: Life Lessons from Man's Best Friend by Ryan O'MearaCLICK HERE.

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