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Multi talented Charlotte Dutton Becomes Voice of the Underdog

Published on July 27, 2010 by   ·   No Comments

Celebrities stand up for the underdogs.Charlotte Dutton former model, World Cup Snowboarder and now fashion designer knows all about challenges and 2010 sees her take on a new challenge as she speaks up for the Underdog and demands that owners and not dogs should be targeted under “dangerous dogs” legislation.

Charlotte, owner of rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Meatball, says ”The law right now is ridiculous and must be changed, all dogs have the potential to be dangerous but also all dogs have a much greater potential to change and fulfil the lives of their owners. Punishing people’s pets that have done nothing wrong on the basis of their appearance is terrible; they are family members who are loved. The truth is dogs bring more joy to people than they bring harm – but that doesn’t make headlines”

The current legislation has come under fire again recently with major organisations demanding the legislation is scrapped and a new bill proceeding through Parliament that removes the emphasis off the type of dog and places it firmly on the owners. The Metropolitan police expect to spend a staggering £10,000,000 of taxpayer’s money on enforcement of the current failed legislation over the next four years with the vast majority of dogs held having never shown any sign of aggression.

Meanwhile dogs can be held for years in almost solitary confinement while cases drag on. Welfare of seized dogs has also caused uproar as more than one hundred dogs have died of illness or unknown reason while in the care of the authorities, while others have been returned cut, bleeding and emaciated.

And Charlotte isn’t all talk and no action. On 24th July Charlotte and Meatball will be joining Anti B.S.L group DDAWatch and members of the public at a Vigil entitled ‘Not Guilty!’ in Richmond Terrace, London. DDAWatch members hope the event will send a strong message to the Government that the current legislation is flawed and must be replaced.

One attendee, Sarah Anderson said “I watched my dogs as they died because I believed I had no choice. They had never hurt anyone and I would never have put them in a position that they felt they would have to. The Vigil will be a time for me to remember my girls and I hope that with Charlottes help, the Government will heed our call and stop punishing the Breed rather than the Deed.”

Charlotte believes now is the time to speak up and protect friendly pet dogs whose only crime is in their appearance.

At 5pm during the vigil Charlotte will accompany representatives of DDAWatch to Downing Street where they will hand in letters from members of the public requesting a repeal of section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act. They will also hand over a scroll in memory of some canine victims of BSL.

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Multi talented Charlotte Dutton Becomes Voice of the Underdog

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