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Meet DogsBlog.com’s 12,000th Rehomed Dog

Published on December 9, 2010 by   ·   No Comments
Bear is a 7 year old cross-breed boy who was abandoned, tied up to a tree in the woods and taken into a council pound before being rescued by All Dogs Matter for rehoming. At which time he was placed on DogsBlog.com and waiting online for new owner Amelia to find.

Bear’s profile: http://www.dogsblog.com/bear-17/

While browsing online Amelia came across DogsBlog.com and says, “Its quite sad to trail round the rescue centres seeing them all in cages – I find it upsetting. Finding the right dog is also time-consuming and so its great to be able to browse online (although I hate the way that makes it sound like shopping for a new handbag!). Bear just caught my eye – its funny how you have an idea of what you want and nearly always they end up choosing you, and it’s often not what you thought. But that’s like any friendship I think.”

Amelia continues, “I’m from a dog loving family, we always had a dog when I was a child, and so it felt natural to have one of my own. My ex-husband and I had a rescue collie from the Mayhew but after our marriage broke down I wasn’t allowed to see him which broke my heart. I had to wait a little bit whilst I got myself sorted out with a house and nice big garden but knew I would get one as soon as was fair on me and the dog. There was no question over it being a rescue – I firmly believe that no individual should buy a dog from a breeder or elsewhere when there are so many lovely dogs looking for homes. I don’t think you can call yourself a dog lover if you do anything else.

So now Bear has found his new home, how has he settled in?

Amelia says, “I’ve been really lucky with him as he’s settled in fantastically well – he’s not put a paw wrong really, and considering what he’s been through he would have every right to be a bit of a basket-case. It’s been great fun getting to know each other and finding his quirks (he probably wonders about some of mine) – he’s surprised and delighted me many times – he likes being vacuumed, he gets in the shower with me, he curls up on the bed with me at night, he’s so thrilled when I get home that he chases his tail round until he collapses in a heap of excitement. He also barked in his sleep a few nights ago and I thought I’d never stop laughing.

He has a dog walker whilst I’m at work and has been declared ‘a really good boy’ who gets on well with other dogs – lucky again!

I guess I’d encourage anyone to get a dog providing they were doing it for the right reasons and had given it proper thought. And it must be a rescue otherwise you’re simply guilty of adding to the problem by encouraging breeders to breed more. Bear is a fantastic dog and I can’t decide who is luckier, him or me.”
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Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Meet DogsBlog.com’s 12,000th Rehomed Dog

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