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Decided to dip in to our news vault today and re-wind with some of the funnier, madder dog news stories from the year 2003.

Dachshund Dashes for Safeway.

Devon couple Gordon and Susan Musselwhite failed in their attempt to claim £2,906 in damages after their Dachshund was left partially paralysed after trying to receive a Safeway’s leaflet that was suspended in their letterbox.

Muffin was left with permanent injuries to the spine after trying to get the unsolicited circular from the letter box.

District Judge Peter Corrigan told a small claims court in Plymouth that the leaflet being left suspended was not tantamount to negligence on the part of Safeway.

Grieving Chihuahua comforted by cardboard cut out.

A Chihuahua that lost her best friend has been cheered up by a cardboard cut of her late friend Rosie. Fourteen inch tall Sandy lost her appetite after Rosie passed away early in January, but her owner, Ann Bell from Tuffley in Gloucester has offered her solace in the form of a life sizes cut out of the dead dog.

Mrs Bell who is now on the hunt for a new friend for Sandy explained how her little tail wagged whenever she say the picture of her old friend, who died at the age of fifteen.

JCB needed to free rabbit hungry Jack Russell.

Fire crews in Gloucestershire spent six hours attempting to free Jack Russell ‘Titch’ a twenty-foot deep rabbit warren.

Ten men and a JCB were needed to help get Titch free after he disappeared while chasing rabbits. Titch’s owner Penny Parry explained what happened. "He just dashed off and disappeared. I knew he couldn't get out as he's usually quite chicken and wouldn't want to explore on his own. He was whimpering and I could tell he was stuck so after much calling I went home and phoned the fire brigade."

At first it was feared that Titch might have had to have been left to his own devices in case it was a badger’s set he was stuck down, as it would have had to have been left undisturbed.

Conservative dog wins political pooch accolade.

Lulu, a twenty two month old Newfoundland belonging to the MP for Thanet North Roger Gale picked up the award for the dog of 2003.

The ceremony, which was judged on character rather than looks was held at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

Lulu works for Pets as Therapy and regularly visits hospitals and old peoples' homes to entertain patients and residents. She also helps Roger with his charity work, but she doesn’t like to talk about that!

Scouse Beagle Battles Bulge and becomes Winner.

Portly Megan the Beagle once weighed 18.6kg. She lost 32% of her body weight (equivalent to six bags of sugar) and slimmed down to slender 12.6kg.

Megan’s achievement was mirrored by many other dogs up and down the country who had indulged themselves a little too much last year. The winner was judged on overall achievement rather than just the amount of weight lost.

Dot Com Dog finds new home on the net.

A Florida police chief who was forced to get rid of his canine sidekick due to budget restraints turned to the internet to help him find a suitable home. Chief Gordon Smith auctioned his five year old German Shepard on the govAssets4sale website. Huro, who possesses dual certificates in criminal control and narcotics detection, was sold to Chief of Police Daniel Swogger of the Cedar Key Police Dept. The auction was restricted to the law forces, as Gordon believed Huro had a few years of loyal service still left in him.

Staffie bags £20,000in one day.

Ruby Hughes an eighty five year old widow from London left the sum of money to her Staffordshire Bull Terrier Susie. She also left the princely sum of £90,000 to a rescue group for the breed and requested that her dog Susie's money be invested and the interest used for her keep.

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