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How Can I Get My Dog To Stop Jumping The Fence?

Published on July 2, 2011 by   ·   No Comments
A dog who is prepared, willing and able to jump a fence poses a real problem for us owners.

The thought of losing our dog this way or of our dog going on to do something that could cause problems, harm or upset for our neighbours or the general public could land us in hot water legally.

As one of the questions we've recently received from a K9 Magazine reader, we wanted to direct you to this excellent resource (How to dog proof your garden).

There is a two fold approach to curing the problem of the dog jumping the fence:

1. Behaviour modification – it's imperative to take this behaviour very, very seriously and to convey to the dog that jumping the fence (which is something many dogs will find to be a totally natural behaviour as they seek to explore what they consider to be THEIR environment – dogs do not understand boundaries as defined by the local authority housing planners!)

2. Make your home and garden as dog proof as you possibly can. Be prepared to make boundaries higher. Assume the unexpected (dogs can be very determined, particularly if frightened or stimulated).

Have a read of http://www.dogtips.co/dog-proof-home/ for the in depth guide.

How to stop your dog jumping the fence is not something you want to be searching for when it might be too late! Shutting the door before the horse has bolted is as good an analogy as any in this situation.

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