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Harrods Puppy Protest

Published on December 8, 2010 by   ·   No Comments
Campaigners from the anti puppy farming groups Puppy Love and SPEC organised a peaceful protest at Harrods last Saturday. The group issued the following statement about the campaign:

"We are campaigning against the sale of puppies in pet shops and although Harrods might have better welfare than some other pet shops a department store like this should not be selling puppies. Harrods are a high profile store and should set an example by stopping the sale of puppies immediately. 

There was a lot of publicity all over the internet beforehand which has also raised awareness about pet shop puppies and puppy farming. We were hoping for a big turnout because of this but the weather and transport problems prevented many people from getting there. We had a dozen people there and handed out at least 300 leaflets. We also talked to a lot of people many of whom had no idea that Harrods sold puppies or that it was legal to sell puppies in shops or about puppy farming.

We gave Harrods a petition with very nearly 2,000 signatures and a lot of very good comments on it. There were more signatures on paper petitions that had been delayed in the post because of the snow and these will be added to the online one. This petition will carry on and Harrods will be reminded about it regularly.

The campaign will continue and we will go back to Harrods next year. There are also protests at other pet shops all over the country including monthly ones at Dogs4Us at Leeds. Please get involved and together we can make a difference. "

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Harrods Puppy Protest

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