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Growth in Pet Insurance Leaves Dog Owners Questioning Policies

Over the past 15 years there has been a rocket-like surge in the depth and availabilty of pet insurance policies in the UK. As pet owners are faced with more and more choices, so the pet insurance companies are faced with the challenge of making their policy stand out.

As a result, according to a new survey by K9 Magazine – a lifestyle magazine for dog owners – pet owners are often left confused and furstrated when it comes to understanding the fine print of each individual pet insurance policy.

One of the most common causes of frustration according to the survey, which spoke to 200 pet owners in the UK, is being unsure of whether a pet is covered for illness and injury for the duration of their life.

Lifetime pet insurance cover is where the policy protects the animal for all of its life. However, not all policies offer this and as those policies often have lower premiums, they can be attractive to pet owners who base their decisions on price first.

AJ Douglas, a PR rep for a Taxi software firm and someone who has recently researched pet insurance, commented:

"I found the sheer volume of policies on offer to be quite incredible. At first I felt this was a positive sign, but then I realised just how much attention had to be paid to what I can only describe as discreet clauses. Often, two policies would look almost identical and it was only when you really dig down that you see there are some massive differences in what is covered and how long it is covered."

K9 Magazine's survey showed that modern pet owners are more comitted to insuring their dogs than ever before, but they are calling for more transparency from insurers when it comes to up front information on the main / most important aspects of each policy.

Useful Link: BBC Watchdog show covering the topic of pet insurance

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