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Founding Chairman Appointed To Tackle Dog Breeding Issues

Published on June 26, 2010 by   ·   No Comments

Following the much publicised Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding in January 2010, Professor Sheila Crispin MA, VetMB, BSc, PhD, DVA, DVOphthal, DipECVO, FRCVS has today been appointed founding Chairman of the Advisory Council on the Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding. The creation of this new non-statutory Council was a key recommendation of all three recent reports on the genetic, conformation and other threats to dog welfare, such as puppy farming, which can arise from dog breeding. With the appointment of its first Chairman, a key step has been made towards addressing these issues.

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

Founding Chairman Appointed To Tackle Dog Breeding Issues

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