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K9 Magazine’s Countdown to Christmas D

It’s day 3 of our countdown to Christmas and today we’re looking at a sleek, stylish water and feeding bowl as well as a Source:

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K9 Magazine Begins Countdown to Christmas

K9 Magazine is opening the doors to the advent calender a little early this year as we begin day 01 of our ‘K9 Magazine Countdown

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Don’t Pay Over the Odds For Your Dog Stuff (Read This Instead!)

Dog ownership comes with it a long term financial commitment. Dog food, vets fees, insurance, toys, treats, beds, leads, collars, the list goes on. In these heightened times of financial ...

Free Pet Stuff for K9 Magazine Issue 29 (Members Only)

K9 Magazine members rejoice! Here is the latest list of offers, promotions and freebies for you to access. To apply for each one, simply follow the links below to FreePetStuff ...

Get a FREE Audiobook of Mark Twain’s ‘A Dog’s Tail’

‘A Dog’s Tale’ is a short story written by Mark Twain. It first appeared in the December 1903 issue of Harper’s magazine. In January of the following year it was ...

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Dog Lovers

Hire a husky and challenge yourself for charity Driving a team of huskies, watching the Northern Lights and witnessing the world famous Ice Hotel in Lapland may sound like a distant ...

K9 Magazine Twitaway: Can We Give You a Macbook Air Plus Dog Training DVD’s?

Following our last competition when we gave away a Macbook Air plus Cesar Millan DVD’s, we’ve been lucky enough to get our paws on another to give away. This time, ...

Cesar Millan DVD Competition Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Cesar Millan / Macbook Air online promotion. Timed to recognise K9 Magazine’s forthcoming issue featuring Cesar Millan, we have given away a ...

If You See This Pit Bull, Please Seize It!!

On the loose, possibly in your location any day now, the latest edition of K9 Magazine is set to hit the streets very soon and its front cover sports a ...

Can We Give You Some Brilliant Pet Products? Maybe a FREE Pet Friendly Holiday?

K9 Magazine would like to extend an opportunity for a small number of lucky, lucky owners (and their dogs) to join our select panel of pet product testers. K9 Magazine has ...

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