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Dog News

Is This The Happiest Dog in the World?

Can a dog truly smile with pure, unadulterated joy? We think yes. Yes they can! Mental stimulation and fully engaged body language – a perfect

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More Dog News

Our Dog’s Body’s Are in Our Hands

Today I'm reminded of this famous quote by billionaire investor Warren Buffet on looking after one's physical and mental health… "If you were given a

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Hyperkinesis in Dogs: What Is It, Why Should You Care?

It's rare and that probably explains why so few dog owners have heard of it. Canine hyperkinesis is a condition which renders a dog almost untrainable. Over at DogTips.co they've published an ...

Daily Dog Stuff – Animal Cruelty, Chron’s & Canine Gum Disease

May 27, 2011 — A roundup of today's interesting dog news, articles and happenings. One of the worst cases of animal cruelty ever witness: the dog shot in the ...

Dog Owner Launches Charity Raising Awareness of Pedigree Dog Health Concerns

Dog owner Tania Ledger has set up a charity, Cavalier Matters, to raise awareness and campaign to improve the genetic health of pedigree dogs, in particular Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Although ...

K9 Magazine Report: Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Ever wondered why dogs eat poop? Perhaps you're the owner of a mucky pup who engages in this ever so unpleasant canine party trick? Never fear. K9 Magazine has put together a ...

PDSA Says Ten Million Pets Missing Out On Healthcare

A new report from veterinary charity, PDSA, which for the first time measures the wellbeing of our most popular household pets today reveals that the health and welfare needs of ...

Leaders and their Dogs

Some of the most influential and powerful world leaders have been dog owners. To us, these people are historical icons, some loved, some feared and some perhaps understood, but to ...

Canine Lymphoma: An Insight

Not long ago, when a dog was diagnosed with lymphoma, one of the most common forms of canine cancer, pet guardians had little reason to hope for a cure. With ...

Survey Reveals Kids With Dogs Are More Active

Have you often wondered if having a dog would benefit your families health, getting you outdoors and give you a more active lifestyle? A new study reported today in The ...

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