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Dog News

Tips For Pet Owners For Living in an All

One in three Britons are affected by allergies and ironically it’s the place we view as a safe haven that can be our worst enemy

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More Dog News

First Puppy Farming Conference Announced

On Saturday 31st March 2012, some the UK dog world’s most respected names are gathering in Gregynog Hall in Powys, to speak at the first

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Fund Raising For Dogs For The Disabled

Raise the most with coffee and toast at a Big Dogs Breakfast The most important meal of the day is getting even tastier! Get together with friends, family or colleagues and ...

Moving Abroad With Your Dog

K9 Magazine, a digital lifestyle magazine for modern dog lovers, has stepped up to help meet the increasing demand from its readers who are interested in moving abroad with dogs. ...

Canine Osteoarthritis A Growing Dog Owner Problem

Canine osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that reduces a dog's mobility. A new report has suggested the problem is a growing concern for dog owners. Arthritis in dogs is on the ...

Notice: We’re Moving!

After some 5 years, DogMagazine.net is on the move. We're delighted to announce we've decided that we're heading off this .net domain name and on to a brand spanking, shiny .com. We're ...

Is This The Happiest Dog in the World?

Can a dog truly smile with pure, unadulterated joy? We think yes. Yes they can! Mental stimulation and fully engaged body language – a perfect advert for the pleasure of bringing out ...

Our Dog’s Body’s Are in Our Hands

Today I'm reminded of this famous quote by billionaire investor Warren Buffet on looking after one's physical and mental health… "If you were given a car and told it's the only ...

Top 5 Dog Training Problems

A nice little list today, gathered from search data appearing in our internal analytics spreadsheets. The following is a top to bottom compilation of the search terms related to dog training ...

Dog Chews Off Diabetic Woman’s Toe

In a case study that illustrates the need for people with diabetes to be cautious of foot injuries and to protect themselves from pets, a woman with numbness in her ...

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