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Campaign to Boycott Moronic Newspapers (Like The Sunday Express)

It may or may not have caught your attention that a British tabloid newspaper has, rather unscientifically, decided (on your behalf) that certain, perfectly legal dog breeds are 'dangerous'. Those breeds, you probably won't be surprised to learn, are the usual victims of tabloid hyperbole – Rottweilers and (quote) "bull terriers". Well, the paper in what appears to be a low rent publicity stunt has attached the name of a dog attack victim to this crusade. Now we're calling on you to stand up for your breed, no, stand up FOR DOGS and let newspaper like the Sunday Express know that by constantly demonising particular dog breeds they are actually ADDING to the problem and are doing absolutely nobody any favours, particularly not the poor, unfortunate victims of dog attacks.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Campaign to Boycott Moronic Newspapers (Like The Sunday Express)

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